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Table of Contents Heading Quiet Revolution In Enterprise: Embracing Agile Strategy Unique Agile Artifacts And Processes Agile Software Development Methodologies And Its Applications Why Should I Use Rapise For My Agile Projects? Scrum Vs Kanban Agile Application Development Methodology: How We Ensure App Quality Product Owner Agile Method In The Context Of Mobile App Development Let’s Sprint! Agile Software Development Deciding Between Waterfall And Agile For Your Project Agile Software Development Workflow Management Solutions For Improved Project Delivery Once points are assigned, values are reviewed by the Product Owner, who then sets priorities for a specific sprint. Agile methodology is marked by a few distinct roles in addition to whatever technical specialists are required to get a project over the finish line. A SCRUM Master handholds the entire team to follow the directives of the framework alongside offering knowledge and guidance to the entire team, as and when the situation…

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