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E Zpass

Please contact customer service 72 hours after the occurrence to check the status of the transaction. On the Pennsylvania Turnpike, if the weight of the camper or trailer pushes you into a higher class of vehicle, the higher toll will be charged to your account. If you are traveling on other E-ZPass agency toll roads or bridges, please contact the appropriate agency for further information. Refer to normal balance the list participating agencies on FAQ # 2. This charge indicates that your transponder was read at exit, but not at entry . Because the system cannot determine how far you traveled on the system, you were charged a flat fee of $10. If your vehicle was a Class 3 or higher , you were charged a maximum fare based on the distance between your point of exit and the farthest entry point on the Turnpike.

ez pass change replenish amount

If my account is close to the refill threshold, I do a 1 time payment and add what I want to add to the ezpass before the automatic replenishment ez pass change replenish amount kicks in. I don’t let it get down to the auto replenishment threshold because $85 buck would be taken out of my account.

Low Balance

Check to see that your transponder is properly mounted. If you have further questions, please contact the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1.877.PENNPASS (736.6727). It is highly recommended that when returning your E-ZPass transponder you use a method that can provide proof of delivery. To avoid any collection activity, please include payment if you have a negative account balance.

« Invalid », « Call EZPass », or « Toll Due » and/or a red light indicate that there is a problem with either your account or the transponder. If this circumstance occurs, you must manually pay the toll. Do not use another E-ZPass lane until you have called the Delaware E-ZPass Service Center at to resolve the problem. Transactions not being approved can occur for a variety of reasons; most commonly the balance in the bank account is not sufficient to cover the replenishment amount. When a credit card is normal balance cancelled, for any reason, customers are responsible for providing the new credit card information for their account, or changing the method for replenishment of their account. If you have a Peach Pass Personal Toll Account, the transponder in your pass will give you the same access in Florida and North Carolina that you have here in Georgia. Just be sure to log in to your online account or call Peach Pass Customer Service, at , to make sure your pass is tied to a valid and current license plate.

I Am A Credit Card Customer Why Am I Seeing A Low Balance Light When I Go Through A Toll Lane?

If you have an available account balance, remaining funds will be returned to the original method of payment within 30 days. All accounts with a prepaid balance and a valid credit card for primary replenishment are automatically enrolled in E-ZPass Plus. A red, blue or white light indicates an unpaid toll. Stop and pay the full toll if you are in a cash lane. This signals that your account is either out of funds or there may be something wrong with your E-ZPass transponder or the way it is mounted. Contact the Customer Service Center for assistance. First report the lost card to the credit card issuing company.

If you are a Delaware E-ZPass customer, please contact the Delaware E-ZPass Service Center at EZPassDE ( ) for assistance. You can tell by your transponder number, it must start https://business-accounting.net/ with 019 and have a label identifying it as belonging to DelDOT. (If you are not a Delaware E-ZPass Customer, please follow the written instructions on your violation notice).

Violation Faqs

Then, Login to your account and go to Update Personal Information, Add Credit Card Info and complete Option 1. If you continue to use your E-ZPass without replenishing a negative account balance, you will be charged the toll and an administrative fee. A $20 minimum balance is required to open an account for up to four vehicles. I commuted daily from Western MA for a few months several years ago (don’t ask) and my replenishment amount was something insane like $75 because of how frequently I was using the tolls. Don’t spend another day paying tolls with cash, tickets, or tokens. So the fast talking EZ Pass customer service rep asked me if I would like to set a maximum amount to be taken out of my bank account for auto-replenishment. I have verified that that all of my tolls have been paid bu I refuse to pay this outragious « Administrative fee ».

ez pass change replenish amount

If you still receive an error message or have any other problem, call us at EZPassDE ( ). Some rental companies will forward RITBA a “transfer of liability” ez pass change replenish amount to change the violation responsibility from their name to the rental customer’s name. Fees assessed by rental companies are not fees distributed by RITBA.

How Do I Close My Account?

A registration hold marks the vehicle registration for non-renewal until all past due tolls and fees are paid in full. If you need a statement prior to the last six months please call us and we will send it to you. Then complete the appeal form which came with the violation notice and send it along with the Delaware E-ZPass statement to the address on the form. Please read the instructions on the violation notice carefully as each toll authority has its own specific rules and deadlines. If you need further help, please contact your Customer Service Center. Usually the phone number to contact your service center can be found on your transponder.

  • We will accept payment of the violation over the phone or online before a first notice is mailed out or received.
  • At this point, you are unable to pay the toll until it has been through our image review process.
  • You also need to contact the Customer Service Center at to make sure all open violations are resolved.
  • ($10 x # of Transponders) NO DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED. The replenishment amount will be increased if an account replenishes more than 3 times a month.
  • This replenishment takes place whenever your account balance reaches a cumulative value of $10 or less per transponder.

To dispute maximum fare charges you will need to retain your receipt as proof of payment, complete the 33-11B form and include an account statement that shows proof of your entry onto the turnpike. Forward the receipt, your account statement and completed form to the retained earnings balance sheet address on the 33-11B form. To avoid delays, you must provide the entry interchange number and transponder number. Check your account information to ensure all information is current. Check your account activity to make sure that your transponder is being read.

I Noticed A Charge On My Account Statement Called A V

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