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A kingfisher is indicative of prosperity, abundance, and love. A brown bird represents attaining wisdom, authority, balance, assertiveness, and patience. For Cockatoo species of birds seeing these hit your window represents success, freedom, change, awakening, and celebration. As a spirit animal, the doves represent love, peace, maternity, feminine, and softness. « Lovebirds will still go when and where they want, but when you train them to go potty on command it lessens the amount of times they will go when you don’t expect it, » Scavicchio says. « Lovebirds love to run back and forth, and enjoy investigating different textures, so a variety of toys and trinkets can be very interesting for your bird to explore, » Scavicchio says. « Lovebirds are more similar to the demands of having a dog than having a small pet, such as a hamster, » Scavicchio says. Gently flatten the dough, using a fork or the bottom of a cup…

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