Use It: New Hacks On Weather For Tablets To Make It Better (With Screenshots).

Use It: New Hacks On Weather For Tablets To Make It Better (With Screenshots).

The app, while free, also have an annual subscription of $6.99, which accounts for radar, real-time precipitation estimates, and some other features. It is convenient and suitable for Apple’s smartwatches. Nowadays, changes in weather come with no sign of notification or just a little notice.

To reset the Weather app in Windows 10, do the following. MobileTrans Transfer data from phone to phone in one click. To reset the rain totals, press and hold the RAIN button for two seconds.

New App: Meteogram Pro Weather Widget (version 3 8.

It’s hard to say if the generalization holds or not. I’d be curious to see this study expanded to local TV meteorologists across the entire U.S. For the past month, I’ve been slowly working my way through Nate Silver’s book, The Signal and the Noise. It’s really a great read, but if you’re a regular reader on this blog, I’d imagine you’ve already read it. You’ve probably made a joke to someone about them constantly being on their phone, only to then pull out your own phone and scroll through your social media feeds. We know we’re almost surgically attached to our phones these days.

Several of Apple’s stock iOS apps that are available on iPhone don’t have their iPad counterparts. These include Weather, Stocks, Voice Memo, Compass, and the Calculator App. PCalc offers power and versatility for all manner of calculations and is built for use by students, scientists, programmers, and more. The app features multiple themes so you can customize your calculator just as you’d like. There’s also a massive set of other features, including an RPN mode, paper tape check this out, scientific and engineering notation, and support for hexadecimal octal, and binary calculations. Yahoo Finance provides the important stock information you need and helps you keep an eye on financial news throughout your day.


It’s look like that the Radar Live weather app is made for the Mac, as it is minimally designed with a stunning interface. We are constantly checking our iPhones or going to the weather website to know the forecast, before heading out or planning any future outdoor events. I usually check to weather, to decide what I will be wearing that week or day, if it is going to rain or snow then I know not to wear any suede shoes. So if you’re anything like me or you are obsessed with the weather changes, you can check these weather apps for Mac OS. Keep the current temperature in your menu bar or use the app as its own window. You can also adjust the unites for temperature, wind speed, and AM or PM for the clock.

  • With the help of The Weather Channel app, you can get accurate forecast and local weather alerts, anytime, anywhere on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
  • You can ee more detailed weather information if you click on any day’s weather information button.
  • I still have Maple Lake as my default weather location.
  • Additionally, it also features lightning and hurricane trackers.
  • The widgets can showcase details such as the next 48 hour-by-hour weather forecast, the next 7 days weather forecast, weather map, radar, and even weather calendar.
  • As we look ahead, a series of cold fronts will be working their way southeast this week as the jet stream remains blocked.

If Maple Lake is no where near where you are located, then double click the home button to bring up the multi-tasking bar. Find the Weather icon and press and hold it until it wiggles and a red minus sign displays on the icon. Tap the home button again to close the multi-tasking bar. Tap on the Weather icon again on the home page and see how it locates your weather.

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